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Learning with SMDM: Simulating Study Data to Support Expected Value of Sample Information Calculations

Learning objectives
After participating in this webinar, participants should be able to:
• Present the definition of EVSI and why simulated study data are required
• Understand how to simulate study data
• Adjust study simulations for trial conduct issues, such as missingness
• Simulate study data using widely available software


The SMDM COVID-19 Modeling Committee hosted a live, free webinar titled COVID-19 Decision Models: Connecting modelers and decision makers on 28 April 2021. An open mic session showcasing SMDM members’ COVID-19-related projects followed the symposium.

View the schedule and recordings from the webinar below. Additional sessions will be added as they become available.

In addition, please take a moment to view the latest tools and resources compiled in the COVID-19 Repository.

Webinar Schedule 

Welcome ​

Kathy McDonald, Lisa Prosser, and Gillian Sanders Schmidler

Panel 1

Establishing a Dynamic Decision-Making System in Real-Time on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Mexico City
Fernando Alarid-Escudero

Targeted COVID-19 Vaccination Strategies: An Agent-based Modeling Evaluation Considering Limited Vaccination Capacities (TAV-COVID) 

Beate Jahn and Uwe Siebert

Covid-19 Models and Social Determinants of Health: Evaluating Evidence to Inform Policy Decisions

Ava John-Baptiste and Shehzad Ali

Panel 2

Estimation of State-Level COVID-19 Immunity in the United States with Implications for Reopening of Colleges
Jagpreet Chhatwal

Discrete Event Simulation for COVID-19 Testing: Identifying Bottlenecks and Supporting Scale-Up

Erica Gralla

Emerging Therapies for COVID-19:  The Value of More Clinical Trials vs. Implementation

Myriam Hunink

Panel 3​ and Harvey Fineberg

Coupling COVID-19 Social Distancing with Influenza Vaccination to Manage Healthcare Surges

Lauren Meyers and Michael Pignone

Optimizing Societal Reopening Plans and Vaccine Distribution Strategies under COVID-19 using Simulation Optimization Modelling Tools

Shan Liu

Community-tailored Adaptive Strategies for Managing the Health and Economic Consequences of COVID-19

Lauren Cipriano and Eva Enns

Open Mic sessions and Closing Remarks

Ensemble Modelling to Inform COVID-19 Policy Response
Beate Sanders

COVID-19 Analytics and Targeted Surveillance System for Schools  (CATS)
Ayaz Hyder

Modelling Heterologous Immunity Effects in the US Using the COVID-19 International Modelling (CoMu) Consortium Model
Nathaniel Hupert

The Agent-Based Model for COVID-19 Transmission (ABMCT)
David Naimark

Estimation of Acute Care Resource for COVID-19 in Ontario using Decision-modeling and Administrative Data
Stephen Mac


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