Early Career Awards

The Sandy Schwartz SMDM Young Scholars Award

The SMDM Sandy Schwartz Young Scholar Award recognizes a promising Scholar who is new to or early in their career related to the field of Health Policy and Medical Decision Making but has the potential for impact and leadership in the field and in the Society of Medical Decision Making. The nominee must be a member of SMDM. This is the inaugural year of this award that was created to honor Sandy Schwartz with respect to his passion and commitment to mentorship and the support of young scholars in the Society of Medical Decision Making.

2023 - Hadley Stevens Smith, PhD


The Young Investigator Award

The Society encourages and recognizes outstanding work by young investigators. Trainee achievement is recognized by the annual presentation of the Lee B. Lusted Student Prizes for outstanding presentations of research at the Annual Meeting. The Young Investigator Award is presented annually for the best paper published by a trainee or junior faculty member.

2023 - Anna Heath, PhD
Heath, A., and Pechlivanoglou, P. (2022) “Prioritising Research in an Era of Personalised Medicine: The Potential Value of Unexplained Heterogeneity.” Medical Decision Making. 42(5): 649-660.

2022 - Norah L. Crossnohere, PhD
Crossnohere NL, et al. Assessing the appropriateness of the EQ-5D for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: A patient-centered study. Med Decis Making. 2021 Feb;41(2):209-221

2021 - Barry Dewitt, PhD
Dewitt, B., & Torrance, G. W. (2020). Incorporating Mortality in Health Utility Measures. Medical Decision Making, 40(7), 862-872.

2020 - Holly Witteman, PhD
Witteman HO, Hendricks M, Straus S, Tannenbaum C. Are gender gaps due to evaluations of the applicant or the science? A natural experiment at a national funding agency. Lancet. 2019 Feb 9;393(10171):531-540. doi: 10.1016/S0140-6736(18)32611-4.

2019 - Hawre Jalal, MD, PhD
Jalal H, Buchanich J, Roberts M, Balmert L, Zhang K, Burke D. Changing dynamics of the drug overdose epidemic in the United States from 1979 through 2016. Science. 361, 1218 (2018) 21 September. doi: 10.1126/science.aau1184.

2018 - Jarrod Dalton, PhD
Dalton JE, Perzynski AT, Zidar DA, Rothberg MB, Coulton CJ, Milinovich AT, et al. Accuracy of Cardiovascular Risk Prediction Varies by Neighborhood Socioeconomic Position: A Retrospective Cohort Study. Ann Intern Med. 2017;167:456–464. doi: 10.7326/M16-2543

2017 (co-recipient) - Phuc Le, PhD 
Phuc Le, PhD, MPH; Michael Rothberg, MD, MPH. Determining the Optimal Vaccination Schedule for Herpes Zoster: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2016.

2017 (co-recipient) - Ellen G. Engelhardt, PhD
Ellen G. Engelhardt, Arwen H. Pieterse, Anja van der Hout, Hanneke J.C.J.M. de Haes, Judith R. Kroep, Patricia Quarles van Ufford-Mannesse, Johanneke E.A. Portielje, Ellen M.A. Smets, Anne M. Stiggelbout. Use of Implicit Persuasion in Decision Making About Adjuvant Cancer Treatment: A Potential Barrier to Shared Decision Making. European Journal of Cancer 2016. 

2016 - Ankur Pandya, PhD        
Ankur Pandya, PhD; Stephen Sy, MS; Sylvia Cho, MHS; Milton C. Weinstein, PhD; Thomas A. Gaziano, MD, MSc. Cost-effectiveness of 10-Year Risk Thresholds for Initiation of Statin Therapy for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease. JAMA 2015; 314(2):142-150.

2015 - Joshua A. Roth, PhD, MHA                                                                                                    
Joshua A. Roth, PhD, MHA; Ruth Etzioni, PhD; Teresa M. Waters, PhD; Mary Pettinger, MS; Jacques E. Rossouw, MD; Garnet L. Anderson, PhD; Rowan T. Chlebowski, MD, PhD; JoAnn E. Manson, MD, DrPH; Mark Hlatky, MD; Karen C. Johnson, MD, MPH; and Scott D. Ramsey, MD, PhD. Economic Return From the Women’s Health Initiative Estrogen Plus Progestin Clinical Trial: A Modeling Study. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2014;160(9):594-602.

2014 - Glen Taksler, PhD
Taksler, Glen B., PhD, Melanie Keshner, MSN, FNP, Angela Fagerlin, PhD, Negin Hajizadeh, MD, MPH, and R. Scott Braithwaite, MD, MSc. Personalized Estimates of Benefit From Preventive Care Guidelines: A Proof of Concept. Annals of Internal Medicine 159.3 (2013): 161-69.

2013 – Tessa Genders, PhD
Genders TS, Steyerberg EW, Hunink MG for the CAD consortium. Prediction model to estimate presence of coronary artery disease: retrospective pooled analysis of existing cohorts. BMJ. 2012 Jun 12;344:e3485

2012 – Ashleigh R. Tuite, MSc, MPH
Cholera Epidemic in Haiti, 2010: Using a Transmission Model to Explain Spatial Spread of Disease and Identify Optimal Control Interventions. Ann Intern Med. 2011;154:593-601

2011 – Claire McKenna, PhD
Budgetary policies and available actions: a generalisation of decision rules for allocation and research decisions.  McKenna C, Chalabib Z, Epstein D, Claxton K. Journal of Health Economics 2010; 29:170-181.

2010 – Angelo Volandes, MD
Video Decision Support Tool for Advance Care Planning in Dementia: Randomized Controlled Trial. British Medical Journal in 2009 (BMJ. 2009 May 28;338:b2159. doi: 10.1136/bmj.b2159.

2009 – Heather Taffet Gold, PhD
Correlates and Effect of Suboptimal Radiotherapy in Women With Ductal Carcinoma in Situ or Early Invasive Breast Cancer. Gold HT, Do HT, Dick AW. Cancer 2008; 113(11): 3108-3115.

2008 – Jennifer L. Bailit
Bailit JL, Votruba ME: Medical cost savings associated with 17 alpha hydroxyprogesterone caproate. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2007;196:219.e1-219.e7.

2007 – Andrea Gurmankin, PhD, MBe
Gurmankin A, Micco E, Putt M, Armstrong K:  Value for the future and breast cancer-preventive health behavior

2006 – Allison Rosen, MD, MPH, ScD
Rosen AB, Hamel MB, Weinstein MC, Cutler DM, Fendrick AM, Vijan S: Cost-effectiveness of full Medicare coverage of Angiotensin-Converting Enzye Inhibitors for beneficiaries with diabetes.  Ann Intern Med.  2005; 143: 89-99.

2005 – Angela Fagerlin, PhD
Fagerlin A, Schneider C:  Enough: the failure of the living will.  Hastings Center Report 2004 (2): 30-42.

2004 – Ida Sim, MD PhD
Sim I, Cummings S: A new framework for describing and quantifying the gap between proof and practice. Medical Care 2003; 41: 874-881.

2003 – Alan Schwartz, PhD
Schwartz A, Hasnain M: Risk perception and risk attitude in informed consent.  Risk, Decision and Policy 2002; 7: 121-130.

2002 – Sue Goldie, MD, MPH
Goldie SJ, Kuhn L, Denny L, Pollack A, Wright TC: Policy analysis of cervical cancer screening strategies in low resource settings: clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness analysis.

2001 – Gillian D. Sanders, PhD
Sanders GD, Nease RF, Owens DK: Design and Pilot Evaluation of a System to Develop Computer-Based Site-Specific Practice Guidelines from a Decision Model. Medical Decision Making. 2000; 20:145-159.

2000 – Gretchen Chapman, PhD
Chapman GB, Nelson R, Hier DB: Familiarity and Time Preferences: Decision Making About Treatments for Migraine Headaches and Crohn's Disease. Journal of Experimental Psychology. 1999; 5:17-34.

1999 – Aaron Stinnett
Stinnett AA, Mullahy J: Net Health Benefits: A New Framework for the Analysis of Uncertainty in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, Medical Decision Making. 1998; 18 (Suppl.):S68-S80.

Lee B. Lusted Student Prize Competition

The Lee B. Lusted Student Prizes are awarded for outstanding student posters at the Annual Meeting. The competition is named after Dr. Lee B. Lusted, a leader in advancing medical decision making as a field, founding member of the Society in 1979, and the first editor of the Journal of Medical Decision Making. Two awards are given in each of the five SMDM Scientific Areas of Interest. To be eligible for the Lusted Student Prize Competition, the first author on the abstract must be enrolled in a degree granting program, a resident/fellow in a clinical training program, or postdoctoral research fellow at the time of abstract submission.

  • Milt Weinstein Award for Outstanding Presentation in Applied Health Economics (AHE)
  • Margaret Holmes-Rovner Award for Outstanding Presentation in Decision Psychology and Shared Decision Making (DEC)
  • Bruce Schackman Award for Outstanding Presentation in Health Services, Outcomes, and Policy Research (HSOP)
  • Anne Stiggelbout Award for Outstanding Presentation in Patient and Stakeholder Preferences and Engagement (PSPE)
  • Stephen Pauker Award for Outstanding Presentation in Quantitative Methods and Theoretical Developments (QMTD)

2023 Lee B. Lusted Student Award Recipients:

Milt Weinstein Award for Outstanding Presentation in Applied Health Economics (AHE)

  • Karen Smith
    Impact of real-world measurement error on the cost-effectiveness of intensive systolic blood pressure targets

  • Yansi Wu
    Cost-effectiveness of lung cancer screening program in Norway, based on NELSON trial outcomes

Margaret Holmes-Rovner Award for Outstanding Presentation in Decision Psychology and Shared Decision Making (DEC)

  • Hoda Fakhari
    Management of Conflicting Clinical Guidelines in Practice: A Qualitative Study of Primary Care Physicians

  • Laura Brotzman
    Older Adult Acceptance of the Use of Life Expectancy Information in Medical Decisions

Bruce Schackman Award for Outstanding Presentation in Health Services, Outcomes, and Policy Research (HSOP)

  • Yiwen Cao
    Accounting for Patient Frailty in Medical Decision-Making: a Microsimulation of Vascular Access Outcomes in Hemodialysis

  • Alexandra Moskalewicz
    Projecting the future prevalence of childhood cancer in Ontario, Canada using microsimulation modeling

Anne Stiggelbout Award for Outstanding Presentation in Patient and Stakeholder Preferences and Engagement (PSPE)

  • Eric Raynal
    Factors That Influence Parental Decision Making During Periviable Consultation

  • Ellen Kim DeLuca
    Challenges in valuing child health using time trade-off: Unwillingness to trade children's length of life

Stephen Pauker Award for Outstanding Presentation in Quantitative Methods and Theoretical Developments (QMTD)

  • Zixuan Feng
    A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Estimating County-level Opioid Use Disorder Prevalence Using Publicly Available Data

  • Marissa Reitsma
    Common Random Numbers for Stochastic Network-Based Transmission Dynamic Models

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