Committees and Interest Groups

SMDM is always looking for volunteers to join any of its committees or interest groups. Read more about the SMDM Committees and Interest Groups below. If you are interested in joining a committee or interest group, please write with your interest and you will be directed to the appropriate chair.


SMDM's standing committees continue from year to year.
View a description of SMDM's standing committees.

SMDM has the following standing committees:

  • Awards Committee (Chair: Jeffrey Hoch, PhD)

  • Career Development Committee (Co-Chairs: Kate Lofgren, PhD and Jinyi Zhu) *Note: The Career Development Committee is a subcommittee of the Education Committee

  • Digital Communications Committee

  • Diversity, Anti-Racism & Transformation Team (DART) (Co-Chairs: Beate Jahn, PhD and Heather Taffet Gold, PhD)

  • Education Committee (Chair: Petros Pechlivanoglou, M.Sc., PhD and Margo Wheatley, PhD)

  • Executive Committee (Chair: Alan Schwartz, PhD) *Note: This committee is closed to the Executive Officers of SMDM.

  • Finance Committee (Chair: Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert, PhD)

  • Issues Committee (Chair: Marilyn Schapira, MD, MPH)

  • Membership Committee (Chair: Ellen Lipstein, MD, MPH and Anthony Sunjaya, MD SM FRSPH)

  • Nominating Committee (Chair: Beate Sander, PhD) *Note: Committee members are elected at the SMDM Annual Business Meeting each Fall per SMDM regulations.

  • Patient Advisory Council

  • Publications Committee (Chair: Aubri Hoffman, PhD)

  • Regulations Committee (Chair: Steve Kymes, PhD)

Interest Groups

Interest Groups are formed by Members of the Society who wish to network with medical decision researchers with similar research interests. Groups schedule in-person meetings during SMDM meetings and use SMDM Connect for online discussions, information sharing, and networking throughout the year. Each group chooses a Leader or co-Leaders who organize and lead in-person meetings.

  • Interest Group Chair (John Friend)

SMDM has Interest Groups in the following areas:

  • Clinical Research Integrity (Chair: Roy Poses, MD)

  • Decision Psychology

  • Diagnostic Errors

  • Discrete Event Simulation (Chair: James Stahl, MD)

  • Ethics Research (Chair: Luciana Garbayo, MD, PhD)

  • Global Health (Chairs: Fernando Alarid-Escudero, PhD and Kyu Lee)

  • Implementation Science and Knowledge Transfer (Chair: Sarah Munro, PhD)

  • Infectious Disease Modeling (Co-Chairs: Eva Enns, PhD and William Wong, PhD)

  • Lifestyle & Well-Being (Co-Chairs: Tanya Bentley, PhD and Myriam Hunink, MD, PhD)

  • Medical Informatics (Chair: Randy Grout, MD, MS, FAAP)

  • Methods Development in Health Economic Evaluation (Co-Chairs: Mike Paulden, PhD and Torbjørn Wisløff, PhD)

  • Operations Research (Chair: Muge Capan, PhD)

  • Pediatrics (Co-Chairs: Jody Lin, MD and Davene Wright, PhD)

  • Q+ Affinity Group (Chairs: Lyndon James, & Ryan Suk, PhD)

  • Shared Decision Making (Co-Chairs: Janet Panoch and Semra Ozdemir Van Dyk) 

  • Teaching MDM (Chair: Ashley Leech, PhD)

SMDM Members can view full descriptions of each group by logging into SMDM Connect and selecting Interest Groups under the Groups dropdown menu. Interest Groups are open to Members by clicking the green join+ button.

Interested in Forming a New Interest Group?

Any individual SMDM member or group of SMDM members that share a common interest in line with SMDM’s mission and wish to establish a new SMDM Interest Group should contact the Interest Group Chair to indicate their intent, address preliminary questions, and prepare an application.

The application consists of:

  • Rationale, objective and description of the proposed IG

  • Goal for first IG meeting

  • Proposed IG Leader(s)

  • Potential IG members [list 5 to show that there will be enough support to get the group started]

Become a Member

SMDM members contribute critically to health policy research in the areas of evidence-based medicine, cost effective health care, patient decision making and public health. SMDM helps you to be more than just a face in the crowd. The connections you make through SMDM can help you build a network of long-term contacts to help you throughout your career.

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James Stahl, MD, CM, MPH
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