SMDM North American Meeting History

October 17 - October 20, 2004

26th Annual Meeting
2004 - Atlanta, GA, USA
"Public Health Decision Making"
Chairs: Phaedra Corso & Douglas Owens

25th Annual Meeting
2003 - Chicago, IL, USA
Chairs: David Meltzer & Peter Neumann

24th Annual Meeting
2002 - Baltimore, MD, USA
"Genomics and Decision Making"
Chair: Wally Smith

23rd Annual Meeting
2001 - San Diego, CA, USA
Chairs: Michael Barry & Ted Ganiats

22nd Annual Meeting
2000 - Cincinnati, OH, USA
Chairs: Joel Tsevat & Michael Hagen

21st Annual Meeting
1999 - Reno, NV, USA
Chairs: Robert Bryg, David Bryg, & Holly Jimison

20th Annual Meeting
1998 - Boston, MA, USA
Chairs: Harry Selker & Karen Kuntz

19th Annual Meeting 
1997 - Houston, TX, USA
Theme: Across the Border
Chairs: Scott B. Cantor & J. Robert Beck

18th Annual Meeting
1996 - Toronto, ON, Canada
Chairs:  Annette O'Connor & Hilary Llewellyn-Thomas

17th Annual Meeting
1995 - Phoenix, AZ, USA
Chairs: Thomas Tape & John Peirce

16th Annual Meeting
1994 - Cleveland, OH, USA
Chairs: Theodore Speroff & Thomas Imperiale

15th Annual Meeting
1993 - Raleigh, NC, USA
Chairs: David Matchar & Robert McNutt

14th Annual Meeting
1992 - Portland, OR, USA
Chairs: David Hickam & Mark Helfand

13th Annual Meeting
1991 - Rochester, NY, USA
Chairs: James Dolan & Robert Panzer

12th Annual Meeting
1990 - Boston, MA, USA
Chairs: Mark Eckman & Frank Sonnenberg

11th Annual Meeting
1989 - Minneapolis, MN, USA
Chair: Ellis S. Benson

10th Annual Meeting
1988 - Richmond, VA, USA
Chair: Robert M. Centor

9th Annual Meeting
1987 - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Chairs: J. Sanford Schwartz & Alan B. Cohen

8th Annual Meeting
1986 - Chicago, IL, USA
Chairs: Daniel Albert & Michael Ravitch

7th Annual Meeting
1985 - Pacific Grove, CA, USA
Chairs: Edward H. Shortliffe & Allan S. Detsky

6th Annual Meeting
1984 - Bethesda, MD, USA
Chair: John Clarke

5th Annual Meeting
1983 - Toronto, ON, Canada
Chair:  Raisa B. Deber

4th Annual Meeting
1982 - Boston, MA, USA
Chair: Albert G. Mulley

3rd Annual Meeting
1981 - Philadelphia, PA, USA
Chair: Randall D. Cebul

2nd Annual Meeting
1980 - Washington, DC, USA
Chair: Harvey V. Fineberg

SMDM Inaugural Meeting
1979 - Cincinnati, OH, USA
Chairs: Lee B. Lusted & Eugene L. Saenger


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