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  • We are an international, transdisciplinary group drawn together by our commitment to improving the health of individuals and populations.
  • We are researchers, clinicians, educators, managers and policy makers.
  • We use, develop and provide training in methods drawn from many fields, including decision science, psychology, health economics, operations research, biostatistics, clinical epidemiology, informatics and evidence based medicine.
  • We employ rigorous and transparent methodologies in the context of analytic, integrated frameworks, informed by patients' values, to improve health care decision making.
  • We share and evaluate our work in a culture of constructive feedback that encourages members to stretch beyond existing skills and disciplines.
  • We create opportunities for people from different fields to work together collaboratively to develop novel conceptual and methodologic frameworks and research ideas. We learn from each other and strive to reduce disciplinary barriers to reach our common goals.


  • If you are involved in health care decision making, working in a hospital, university, foundation, industry or government, at any stage of your career, SMDM can provide you with a scholarly home and opportunities for collaboration, professional growth, networking and mentorship.

Member Stories

Negin Hajizadeh, MD, MPH
Negin Hajizadeh, MD, MPH

I have been coming to SMDM for the past 11 years and return every year because it’s the only society where research is presented, and training is provided on methods of informing medical decision making across the spectrum. 

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MDM Journal

MDM Journal

MDM offers rigorous and systematic approaches to decision making that are designed to improve the health and clinical care of individuals and to assist with health policy development.

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