Advances in Health Outcomes Measurement: Promis and Propr

Description and Objectives:

This course is intended for users of patient-reported outcomes and health-utility measures who are interested in learning about the psychometric advancements available through PROMIS, as well as how to incorporate PROMIS with utility measurement (via PROPr) so that PROMIS data can be used in comparative effectiveness analyses including the estimation of qualityadjusted life years.

The specific objectives (learning goals) are:

  1. Understand the theoretical underpinnings of PROMIS as a measurement framework, and its

  2. advantages over most other patient-reported outcomes

  3. Understand the development of PROPr

  4. Understand the basics of using and interpreting PROMIS and PROPr in a research setting

  5. Learn about current challenges and opportunities in measure development

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