Innovation in Shared Decision-Making: Agile Approaches to (Post-) Pandemic Challenges

Descriptions and Objectives:

As healthcare continues to undergo rapid transformation post-COVID19, the landscape of medical decision-making is poised to shift remarkably as well. Healthcare systems may need to rely on novel types of evidence and algorithms to cope with the decisional challenges brought about by changes in society and in health systems. This course introduces participants to new approaches for better understanding decision making in different systems and contexts. We will focus on decision-making in the fast paced setting of the emergency department (ED) and the high risk setting of the pediatric surgical encounter involving complex interactions within a triad of stakeholders (surgeon, pediatric patient and family caregivers).

The course faculty’s wide experience will be brought to bear with case studies of clinical complexity: that is, navigating the mutual influence of the micro of the individual’s ideas and beliefs to the macro of team interaction and contextual influences (like societal values, resources and policies). With practical examples, we will explore the real-life determinants of decision-making, in particular how trust manifests between team members – trust being the mediator between individual cognition and team interaction. We will initiate a dialogue with participants on how to design better tools for improved relationships in medical decision- making, particularly within (post) pandemic healthcare changes.

This course aligns with SMDM’s commitment to knowledge translation in patient-centered shared decision- making, and directly supports the 2021 theme.

The objectives are for participants to:

  • Explore decision-making under uncertainty in different healthcare settings and systems, including the roles of preferences, family contextual considerations and other factors.

  • Experience how ethnography can be used as an approach in research on decision-making.

  • Identify how relationships in medical decision-making can be affected by new events and by systematic factors and how to think about designing research studies and approaches.

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