Regional Communities

Regional Communities are formed by Members of the Society who wish to network with medical decision researchers within a certain geographic region, where region may be defined by city, state, country or other geographic boundaries. Groups schedule in-person meetings during SMDM meetings, during meetings of other societies, and/or at other locations chosen by the leaders. Communities also use SMDM Connect for online discussions, information sharing, and networking throughout the year. Each group chooses a Leader or co-Leaders who organize activities for the group.

Active Regional Communities:

Asia-Pacific Regional Community


How to join a Regional Community

SMDM Members- Communities can be found in SMDM Connect under "Groups." Click "join" or the green plus button to be added to the group

Non-Members- Communities are open to non-members of SMDM. To be added to a regional community, please email the following information to

Mailing Address:
Postal Code:
Phone number:

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SMDM members contribute critically to health policy research in the areas of evidence-based medicine, cost effective health care, patient decision making and public health. SMDM helps you to be more than just a face in the crowd. The connections you make through SMDM can help you build a network of long-term contacts to help you throughout your career.

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James Stahl, MD, CM, MPH
James Stahl, MD, CM, MPH
"From a technical perspective, solving problems requires both an open mind and sharp skills.The rigorous and multidisciplinary approach of SMDM has helped me expand my toolset for solving important and interesting problems."
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