Special Categories of Membership

SMDM offers deeply discounted membership rates and meeting registration fees to trainees and to people residing in non-high income countries. Trainee eligibility is described below.

Low-Middle Income Country (LMIC): Qualification for this category of membership is based on country of residence, using the World Bank definition.

Trainee Definition: For SMDM purposes, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students in clinical or non-clinical settings, and post-doctoral students, residents and fellows who are in academic settings qualify as trainees. Faculty and full time research employees do not qualify as trainees. Trainees must submit a Trainee Verification form in order to qualify for discounted pricing.

Trainee Verification Form

Emeritus Membership in SMDM: SMDM is pleased to offer a special category of membership to those who have served the Society well over the years. Emeritus members receive special pricing on membership and meeting registration. Any member of the Society who reaches the age of 65, with five years of active membership, or any member who, by reason of permanent disability or undue hardship, has been rendered unable to continue active membership, may apply for Emeritus membership by written application to the Secretary of the Society. The Emeritus classification is awarded by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees. To be considered for Emeritus membership, please email info@smdm.org.

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SMDM members contribute critically to health policy research in the areas of evidence-based medicine, cost effective health care, patient decision making and public health. SMDM helps you to be more than just a face in the crowd. The connections you make through SMDM can help you build a network of long-term contacts to help you throughout your career.

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Member Stories

Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert, PhD
Jeremy D. Goldhaber-Fiebert, PhD

"SMDM is my professional home, providing an excellent forum to maintain connections with colleagues and venue to distribute and consume methodologically rigorous, multidisciplinary research."

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MDM Journal

MDM Journal

MDM offers rigorous and systematic approaches to decision making that are designed to improve the health and clinical care of individuals and to assist with health policy development.

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