43rd Annual North American Meeting

From the Individual to Society: How Systems and Societal Factors Shape Health Care Decisions


Live Meeting Dates: 18-20 October 2021

All Scientific Sessions Available to View through 14 January 2022!

October 18 - October 20, 2021

Live Meeting Dates





There are multiple options to choose from when registering for the meeting this year. You can choose to just attend the meeting, attend the meeting AND a short course(s), or easily join or renew your membership along with attending the conference. To join or renew your membership and attend the meeting, select the bundled membership/meeting package and your membership will be active through December 2022. This option is available for all of our members, including Regular, Trainee, LMIC and Emeritus. Non-members can join SMDM and save on meeting registration.

SMDM is thrilled to offer Short Courses in September, October and November in conjunction with the 43rd Annual Meeting. Attendees may sign up for the meeting and short courses or you may choose to only attend short courses. Meeting attendees will receive a special discount for the short courses.

How to Add a Session to Existing Registration

If you want to add a short course, donation or CME credits to your existing registration, please go to the online store and select "My Event" from the left hand menu. From there you will be able to add short course sessions to your existing registration. Please contact SMDM at info@SMDM.org if you have any problems. 

Registration Cost:

Meeting Only: Member and Emeritus Rate - $250

Meeting Only: LMIC/Trainee Member Rate - $125

Meeting Only: Non- Member Rate - $600

Bundle Cost:

(includes meeting and membership through December 2022)

Meeting and Membership: Member Rate: $565

Meeting and Membership: LMIC/Trainee Member Rate - $225

Meeting and Membership: Emeritus Member Rate - $425

Please note: Non-members may choose the bundle option and save on meeting registration. 

Meeting Co-Chairs: Negin Hajizadeh, MD, MPH and Victoria Shaffer, PhD

Local Advisory Committee: 
Ahmed Bayoumi, MD, MSc
Ava John-Baptiste, PhD
Murray Krahn, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Beate Sander, PhD, MEcDev, MBA, RN

Executive Committee Liasons:
Natasha Stout, PhD
Ava John-Baptiste, PhD

Short Course Co-Chairs:
Saadia Sediqzadah, MD, SM
Melissa Basile, PhD, MA

Scientific Review Co-Chairs:
Hawre Jalal, PhD, MD
Pete Wegier, PhD

Career Development Co-Chairs:
Tara Lavelle, PhD
Channing Tate, MPH, PhD

Awards Chair:
Jeffrey Hoch, PhD

Lee B. Lusted Student Prize Co-Chairs:
Ashley Housten, OTD, MSCI
Aubri Hoffman, PhD

Social Media Co-Chairs:
Natalia Kunst, PhD 
Jennifer Spencer, PhD