43rd Annual North American Meeting

The Society for Medical Decision Making is doing a Call for Abstract Reviewers. Typically, a reviewer will review 15 abstracts and provide feedback for the authors. 

This year, accepted abstracts will be presented as either virtual oral presentations or electronic posters. Abstracts of both formats will be pre-recorded for the 43rd Annual Meeting in October, which will be virtual. Abstracts are submitted under one of the five broad categories listed below.


Relevant Topics Include:

Decision Psychology and Shared Decision Making (DEC)

Risk communication; Risk perception; Doctor-patient communication; Decision support; Decision aids; Patient empowerment; Health behaviors and education; Medical education

Applied Health Economics (AHE)

Cost analyses; Cost-effectiveness analyses; Health economics; Pharmacoeconomics

Health Services, Outcomes and Policy Research (HSOP)

Administrative database and outcomes research; Applied modeling analyses; Clinical strategies and guidelines; Comparative effectiveness research; Ethical, legal and social issues; Global health research; Health policy; Health services research; Health technology assessment

Quantitative Methods and Theoretical Developments (QMTD)

Bayesian methods and analyses; Advances in simulation and decision modeling; Model calibration/validation; Decision theory

Patient and Stakeholder Preferences and Engagement (PSPE)

Stated-preferences methods (including discrete choice experiments, conjoint analysis, best-worst scaling, contingent valuation); Qualitative, mixed methods and quantitative studies exploring the priorities and preferences of patients and other stakeholders; Patient and stakeholder engagement in research; Utility and health state valuation


If you have any questions, please email info@SMDM.org


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