Tuesday, 6 October 2020 Schedule

Schedule is subject to change

Welcome and Orientation to Virtual Meeting
9:00 AM EDT | 1:00 PM UTC

Keynote Speaker Presentation
Harvey Fineberg, MD, PhD; The Moore Foundation
9:15 AM EDT | 1:15 PM UTC

COVID-19 Decision Modeling Initiative Panel
Decisional Context: How to work with different types of decision makers
Fernando Alarid-Escudero PhD, Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE)
Jagpreet Chhatawal PhD,  Harvard Medical School, Harvard University
Lauren Cipriano PhD, Western University
Eva Enns MS, PhD, University of Minnesota

10:00 AM EDT | 2:00 PM UTC

10:40 AM EDT | 2:40 PM UTC

COVID-19 Decision Modeling Initiative Panel Methods Context:
Methods Context: How to Approach Analytic and Data Sources
Erica Gralla PhD, MS, GW School of Engineering and Applied Science
M.G. Myriam Hunink MD, PhD, Erasmus MC, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Center of Health Decision Science
Ava John-Baptiste, PhD, Center for Medical Evidence, Decision Integrity & Clinical Impact (MEDICI), Western University
10:50 AM EDT | 2:50 PM UTC

11:25 AM EDT | 3:25 PM UTC

COVID-19 Decision Modeling Initiative Panel
Application Context: Priorities for Evaluating Treatments and Vaccination
Beate Jahn PhD, University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology
Uwe Siebert  MD, MPH, MSc, ScD, University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology
Shan Liu PHD, University of Washington
11:35 AM EDT | 3:35 PM UTC

12:20 PM EDT | 4:20 PM UTC

Meet the Investigators 
Breakout Sessions with the Grantees
12:40 PM EDT | 4:40 PM UTC

1:30 PM EDT | 5:30 PM UTC

Career Development Panel: Publishing Your Research
or Explore the Meeting Abstracts

2:00 PM EDT | 6:00 PM UTC

Publishing is a key component of research; however, it can be challenging for early career and established researchers alike. This interactive panel on October 6th from 2-3pm EST will bring together three unique perspectives to discuss how trainees and mentors can best navigate this process. The format will include brief presentations from the panelists followed by an open question-and-answer period.
Dr. Saadia Sediqzadah saadia.sediqzadah@mail.utoronto.ca
Dr. Myriam Hunink m.hunink@erasmusmc.nl
Dr. Brian Zikmund-Fisher bzikmund@umich.edu

Presidential Address
3:30 PM EDT | 7:30 PM UTC

Leadership Awards Presentation
4:00 PM EDT | 8:00 PM UTC

Welcome Reception
4:30 PM EDT | 8:30 PM UTC

6:00 PM EDT | 10:00 PM UTC


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