42nd Annual Virtual Meeting FAQ's


How do I access the system when the virtual meeting starts?

For access to the meeting portal: https://smdm.confex.com/smdm/2020/meetingapp.cgi

You must login with the same email address used to register for the event. 
If you are signing in for the first time, you will need to create a password. 
We also encourage you to download the meeting app by searching SMDM20 in your mobile app store.
Registrants are encouraged to log into the platform a few days prior to the start of the event, to view the layout of the virtual meeting and confirm correct email/password.

What email address should I use to log in?
You must use the email address you used to register for the virtual meeting. If you are unsure what email was used, please reference your confirmation email.

I registered online but am unable to access the content on the virtual meeting site?
Please contact us at info@SMDM.org. We will assist you with getting connected into the virtual meeting site.

I am a moderator or presenter of only one session, do I need to register?

All presenters/moderators/abstract presenters need to register for the full virtual meeting to participate.
Register Here: https://smdm.org/meeting/page/42nd-annual-meeting-fees-and-policies/42nd-annual-north-american-meeting


Do I have to follow the virtual meeting agenda exactly as outlined?

No, you do not.  All of the symposia and abstract presentations (orals and e-posters) will be pre-recorded and available for viewing during the entire month of October.  The symposia are staggered so that attendees may preview the recorded session and then attend each live question and answer session when scheduled.
The keynote sessions, short course, and non-scientific programs will be presented live. We encourage registrants to attend each live session when scheduled, though after the live presentations these sessions will also be recorded and available to registrants for the month of October.

Will I have the opportunity to ask questions, similar to an in-person meeting?

Yes. For the majority of sessions, speakers will be available for questions through an interactive chat and Q&A function during the scheduled session. You’ll have the opportunity to type your question into the designated Q&A box for the speaker to respond. Most presentations, including pre-recorded sessions, will include an asynchronous chat box, which will allow you to ask questions during the entire month of October.  Meeting participants and speakers are encouraged to use this discussion tool throughout the meeting. Once a session has been presented, you may view it at a later date, as well as review questions in the asynchronous chat.
The keynote session will feature live sessions with a moderated Q&A session. An asynchronous chat window will open on October 1, 2020 to allow for questions to accumulate prior to the presentation.

Time Zones

By default, all times display in the meeting app and in the meeting portal as your local time zone. You can toggle this on and off in the left hand menu.


Are there special equipment requirements?

You may participate in the virtual meeting from a laptop, computer (Mac or PC), tablet (Android or IOS), or Phone (Android or IOS).

What internet capacity is recommended?

You should use a broadband connection with a speed of at least 1.4 Mbps. If your connection is slower, you may still participate but load times may be longer than normal. Other helpful tips include:

  • Connect to the internet using a network cable rather than using a wireless network.
  • Disconnect from VPN or corporate networks (if possible).
  • Close any unnecessary applications.
  • Refrain from browsing the internet, streaming media and/or downloading large files during this time.

Should I use a specific browser?

Chrome or Firefox are the most stable and consistent browsers for accessing this virtual environment.

What if I have technical difficulties during the live time frame?

Click the Technical Support icon located on the bottom of the screen to connect with the support desk. You may also send an email to support@confex.com.

What if I’m having a hard time hearing the sessions/speakers?

Check to make sure your speakers/headphones work and are turned up to an appropriate volume. If you have internal speakers, make sure they are not muted. If you have external speakers, make sure they are powered on and are not muted. Make sure you did not lose internet connectivity. If you are using a mobile device, such as an iPhone, make sure you have enough bandwidth. We advise using dedicated wi-fi or 4G. If your system is using Adobe Flash Player and you receive a “connection failed” message it’s most likely due to a proxy server blocking Flash streaming. If you are using an Android device, Apple iPad or iPhone you will need to click on the media play button to begin the presentation. Android and Apple iOS devices do not permit streams to begin automatically.

What if I can't be heard by other attendees?

Check to see if you need to unmute your audio. Make sure the correct microphone is enabled in your system settings.

What if I can't turn on my camera?

Make sure the correct camera is enabled in your system settings.

What if I am hearing an echo?

If you are using multiple devices, mute all but one. If you are using speakers, try moving them.

What if the video is freezing, and/or the audio is choppy?

Your internet connection may not be strong enough. Switch to a wired connection or move closer to your wireless router.


For how long may I access the virtual meeting?

You may log in to the conference platform through 11/13/20.

Will the live sessions begin automatically?

Prior to the session, you’ll see that the session is listed as “Scheduled.” A countdown timer is displayed until 5 minutes before the designated event start time. The button will change to say “Launch” or “Play” when the content is available, click the Launch/Play button to access the virtual meeting content.

Is there on demand viewing?

All abstracts will be available during the month of October (not just Tuesdays) and can be searched by category.  Symposia presentations can be viewed in advance, so that all live Q and A sessions can be joined after viewing material.  All live sessions will be recorded and available for viewing during the month of October.

I want to take two short courses that are scheduled at the same time.  Is this possible?

Yes.  If you purchase a short course that conflicts with another presentation or commitment, you can go back to view the short course at a later date.


How may I connect directly with other participants, including speakers?

Within the meeting app, and on the meeting site, you are able to click on the “People” link on the navigation bar; names are sorted alphabetically by last name, if you click a person’s name, there is a connect button in which you can request to contact this person.
We are encouraging meeting attendees to communicate on Twitter by using and searching #SMDM20
Will there be live sessions for networking and socializing?
There are many scheduled opportunities for networking in both traditional and creative settings, including Karaoke, trivia competitions, Brown Bag with Experts, one-on-one mentoring and organized chat sessions.

I have a question that has not been answered here. Who can help?

Technical questions can also be answered by emailing: SMDM@confex.com.  SMDM related questions can be answered by emailing: info@SMDM.org


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