Symposia Recordings

Below are a symposia which were recorded as part of the SMDM 42nd Annual Meeting which was held virtually during Ocotber 2020. Closed captioning is available for each video by clicking the "CC" button within each video. Click the blue "Session Description" buttons underneath each video to view a description of each course.


How many experts can you fit in a decision aid?: The challenges of diverse contributors in a decision-making tool



Lessons to Serve a Growing Purpose of Economic Evaluation in the U.S. in the 2020s


Networks to Improve Medical Decision Making


Theories of Medical Decision Making


Including the Perspectives of Patients in Value Assessments



Building and maintaining researcher-participant relationships in a virtual world: The case of electronic consent


Partnering to Co-Produce Care Plans


Intergenerational Decision Making: The Role of Family Relationships in Medical Decision Making



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