Simulation Models for Public Health Decision Making

Length: 3.5 hours

Level: Intermediate

September 11, 2024

Attendees should be familiar with some basic concepts (decision analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, simulation) and statistical methodologies, especial linear and generalized linear models and their applications for making predictions, as well as general processes for assessing goodness of fit (GoF) and predictive accuracy of a statistical model. Knowledge of some programming language (R, Python, etc.) would also be helpful, but not mandatory. The course will present examples mainly R.


The primary objective of this short course will be to provide a survey of commonly used simulation models for decision making in public health research, including cohort-/population-based, microsimulation, agent-based, and compartmental models. Emphasis will be on the applications of these models to inform decision making, such as in cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) and comparative effectiveness research (CER).

Basic concepts of the design and analysis of simulation studies will be covered. The course will also provide an overview of statistical methods for developing these models, including parameter calibration, validation, predictive accuracy, uncertainty propagation, and reporting practices. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about the development and application of simulation models in public health based on examples presented in published manuscripts from the current literature.

  • Public Health Decision Making : CER and CEA

  • Simulation models for decision making (Markov models with different evaluation approaches)

  • Simulation studies: Monte Carlo simulation techniques and their applications

  • Development of simulation models: calibration, validation, predictive accuracy

  • Evaluation of studies involving simulation models (reporting practices, model transparency)

  • Available (with a focus on open-source) software for fitting, evaluating, and using simulation models

  • Examples


Stavroula Chrysanthopoulou, PhD
Brown University
United States






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