SMDM European Meeting History

June 09 - June 11, 2008

2008 European Meeting
Engelberg, Switzerland
Chairs: Drs. Brunner, Pliskin, & Greenberg

2006 European Meeting
Birmingham, UK
Chairs: Drs. Delaney, Kostopoulou, & Oudhoff

2004 European Meeting
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Chairs: Drs. Hunink & Steyerberg

2002 European Meeting
Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Chairs: Drs. Pliskin & Margolis

1999 European Meeting
Aalborg, Denmark - AIMDM’99, (joint meeting with AIME)
Chair: Dr. Andreassen

1996 European Meeting
Torino, Italy
Chairs: Drs. Molino & Barosi

1994 European Meeting
Lilles, France
Chairs: Drs. Sulman & Eckhoudt

1992 European Meeting
Marburg, Germany
Chairs: Drs. Lorenz & Sitter

1990 European Meeting
Glasgow, Scotland
Chairs: Drs. Knill-Jones & Kay

1988 European Meeting
Copenhagen, Denmark
Chairs: Drs. Hilden & Mooney

1986 Inaugural European Meeting
Leiden, The Netherlands
Chairs: Drs. Kievit, Vissers, & Casparie


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