SMDM Webinar | How to analyze a cost-effectiveness dataset: A gentle introduction

Length: 1.5 hours
Level: Beginner 

July 11, 2024


This is a session for people who want to try to analyze a dataset with three variables (i.e., cost, outcome and treatment/intervention) to study the cost-effectiveness of the treatment/intervention. There are no pre-requisites but if you would like to participate in the group exercises you should have a program like Excel, Stata, SAS, r or something like that that can do regression.  The introductory session will help you learn how to estimate two cost-effectiveness statistics and characterize their statistical uncertainty.  While the class focuses on how to analyze a cost-effectiveness dataset with simple methods, the concepts and interpretations of findings almost completely carry over into the modeling world (e.g., Decision trees or Markov models).


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Free to attend


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