2021 Call for Officers and Trustees

Deadline for Officer and Trustee Nominations is 19 February 2021, 5:00 PM US ET

The Nominating Committee of the Society for Medical Decision Making (SMDM) is soliciting nominations for the positions of:

  • President-Elect (Three-Year Term)
  • Vice President–Elect (Two-Year Term)
  • 3 Trustees (including an International Trustee) each serving Three-Year Terms

We invite SMDM members to submit the names of members whom you believe would serve the Society well. Self-nominations are encouraged. The Nominating Committee will consider all submitted names. At least 2 nominees will be selected for each position. Upon approval of the slate by the Board of Trustees, the list of nominees will be sent to all SMDM members. Additional nominees then will be accepted by petition, as described by the Society’s regulations.



In the nomination form, please include information about the nominee’s past service and involvement with SMDM and other related professional groups, and why the nominee would be a positive addition to the SMDM Board. Such detailed information will help the Nominating Committee develop a well-rounded slate of nominees. The Committee reviews the ranked lists to ensure there is representation across a variety of criteria, including: gender, discipline or domain, geography, and degree. All nominations will remain confidential among the Nominating Committee until a slate is chosen.

Overview of the Selection Process:
All nominations are submitted to the Nominating Committee for review. The Committee discusses nominees and then ranks all names, anonymously. Scores are tallied and the mean and median are reported back to the Committee. The Committee reviews the ranked lists to ensure there is representation across a variety of criteria, including: gender, discipline or domain, and degree. Adjustments may occur at this stage as the Committee works to develop a balanced slate. The Past President, beginning at the top of the ranked list, contacts nominees asking them to run.

Nominating Committee Membership: There are five members of the Committee: the immediate Past President, the past-Past President, and three members in good standing who are elected at the Annual Business Meeting each October. Members of the Committee cannot be nominated to run for a position.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the nomination or election process.

Lisa Prosser, PhD
SMDM Nominating Committee Chair and Past President

2021 Nominating Committee:
Chair: Lisa Prosser, PhD
Elizabeth Fenwick, PhD
Natalia Kunst
Heather Taffet Gold, PhD
Torbjørn Wisløff, MSc, PhD


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Nebiyu Mesfin Gedlu, MD

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