Announcing the SMDM Onsite Training Program

SMDM is pleased to offer onsite courses and speakers for panels and symposia in shared decision making and risk communication. 

SMDM is often invited to offer the high-quality courses and symposia we offer at our annual meetings as onsite trainings for clinicians, researchers and other stakeholders who are unable to attend SMDM meetings. While we have been able to respond to some requests, we have had to decline a number of offers. But not anymore!

For more information about coordinating SMDM onsite courses and speakers for panels and symposia please contact SMDM Executive Director Jill Metcalf at

This program is supported by funding from the Hess Foundation.


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Laurent Metz, MD, MBA
Laurent Metz, MD, MBA

"Through the SMDM network I have been in contact with SMDM members in Asia Pacific"

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