Call for SMDM Award Nominations


The Society for Medical Decision Making would like you to consider nominating a person you feel should be recognized for the qualities outlined below. Nominations are now being accepted through May 27, 2022.

Procedure for all nominations: Please complete this form and send the completed form along a letter of support and CV for your candidate to mailto: You will need to complete a separate nomination form for each candidate that you are nominating. Nominations must be received no later than May 27, 2022. 

In order to aid in deliberations, the Awards Committee asks that letters include specifics about the nominee’s career and/or work that makes him/her uniquely qualified for the award. The Awards Committee shall review each nominees information to determine who best exemplifies the criteria for each award. All candidates will be notified after deliberation and decisions have been made by the Awards Committee. The awards will be presented at the 2022 SMDM Annual Meeting in October 2022.

Please complete the Nomination Form and send the form along with a letter of support and CV for the candidate to

Career Achievement Award

The Career Achievement Award recognizes a senior investigator who has made significant contributions to the field of medical decision making. The nominee need not be a member of SMDM. The Awards Committee offers the following questions to stimulate your thinking about worthy nominees:

1.In your area of work, whose publications are most often referred to?
2.In your work, what analytic tools do you use daily that may have been introduced by an individual in medical decision making?
3.In your institution, whose names are most often mentioned when people talk about ideas in medical decision making?
4.In your institution, when you hear others talking about medical decision making ideas, but they don’t mention individual names, whom do you recognize as the originator of those ideas?
5.In your classes, whose work do you assign the students to read?
6.In your own research or teaching, whose work do you frequently cite or refer to?

Previous recipients of the Career Achievement Award:  Stephen G. Pauker, MD; Milton C. Weinstein, PhD; Arthur S. Elstein, PhD; Harold Sox, MD; Dennis Fryback, PhD; John M. Eisenberg, MD, George Torrance, PhD; Daniel Kahneman, PhD; Jerome P. Kassirer, MD; Joseph S. Pliskin, PhD.; Allan Detsky, M.D., Ph.D., David J. Spiegelhalter, Ph.D., Peter P. Wakker, Ph.D.; Barbara J. McNeil, MD, PhD; Alan Garber, MD, PhD, J. Sanford (Sandy) Schwartz, MD; Howard Raiffa, PhD, Annette O’Connor, RN, PhD, FCAHS, Donald Redelmeier, MD, MSHSR, FRCPC, FACP, Mark Roberts, MD, MPP, Alvin I. Mushlin, MD, ScM, Ivar S. Kristiansen, MD, MPH, PhD, Valerie F. Reyna, PhD, Myriam Hunink, MD, PhD, Murray Krahn, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Karen Kuntz ScD, Doug Coyle, MA MSc PhD

SMDM Award for Distinguished Service 
This award recognizes service to SMDM in terms of leadership, role in the operations of the Society, and contributions to the scientific and educational activities of the Society. The nominee must be a member of SMDM.
Questions to stimulate your thinking about worthy nominees:
1.Who comes to mind as a person to call on for help if you need to get something accomplished?
2.Who do you hesitate to call on because you think they already are doing so much?
3.Who calls on you to serve SMDM?
4.Whom would you feel you could not say “no” to if they called on you to serve?

Previous recipients of the SMDM Award for Distinguished Service:  Lee Lusted, MD; Stephen Pauker, MD; Dennis Fryback, PhD; J. Robert Beck, MD; Robert Wigton, MD; Robert Centor, MD; Milton Weinstein, PhD; John Clarke, MD; Michael J. Barry, MD; Margaret Holmes-Rovner, PhD; David Rovner, MD; Sankey Williams, MD; Roy Poses, MD; Arthur Elstein, PhD; Frank A. Sonnenberg, MD; John C. Hershey, PhD; Joel Tsevat, MD; Bruce E. Hillner, MD; Myriam Hunink, M.D., Ph.D., Kathryn McDonald. MM.; Michael Kattan, PhD; John Wong, MD, Mark Helfand, MD, MPH, David Sugano, PhD, Scott Cantor, PhD, Mark Eckman, MD, Karen Kuntz, ScD, Anne Stiggelbout, PhD, Marilyn Schapira, MD, MPH, Uwe Siebert, MD, MPH, MSc, ScD, Murray Krahn, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Alan Schwartz, PhD, Ahmed Bayoumi, MD, MSc; Angie Fagerlin, PhD and Robert Hamm, PhD

John M. Eisenberg Award for Practical Application of Medical Decision Making Research
This award recognizes sustained leadership in translating medical decision making research into practice, including taking exceptional steps to communicate the principles and/or substantive findings of medical decision making research to policy makers, or clinical decision makers, or the general public. The nominee need not be a member of SMDM.
Question: In your work or practice, when you come across a good idea, embodying solid medical decision making principles, who has worked to bring that idea into practice?

Previous recipients of the Eisenberg award:  Donald Berwick, MD; Harvey Fineberg, MD, PhD; Annette O’Connor, RN, PhD; Hilary Llewellyn-Thomas, RN, PhD; Jeffrey P. Koplan, MD, MPH; John M. Wennberg, MD, MPH; Harold C. Sox, M.D., Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making; Sue Goldie, MD, MPH, Douglas Owens, MD, MS, Michael Drummond, PhD, Michael Kattan, PhD, J. Sanford Schwartz, MD, Alan Schwartz, PhD, Ewout Steyerberg, PhD, Gillian D. Sanders-Schmidler, PhD, Lisa Prosser, PhD, Stephen Downs, MD, MS, Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network (CISNET), Daniel Singer, MD

Outstanding Paper by a Young Investigator: This award is limited to a paper published in the calendar year prior to the award (journal must be dated in 2021 for the 2022 award). The nominee must be in the first six (6) years of full-time employment after the end of “training” however that is defined within the country and field of the nominee. The award was conceived as a means of recognizing outstanding work and assisting the recipient in the tenure process. Any dispute about the eligibility of a nominee will be resolved by the committee.

• The nominee must be the first author of the paper.
• The nominator must be a member of SMDM.
• The paper nominated must appear in a peer-reviewed journal with a publication date of 2021. Online journals qualify, provided they are peer-reviewed.
• Papers will be judged for their importance and originality.
• The nominations must include a copy of the article preferably in pdf format, including complete journal citation. A reprint or clear photocopy is acceptable, but pdf is preferred. A letter of support explaining the importance of the paper is required.

Questions to stimulate thinking about worthy nominees:

1.In the past year, what paper did you notice with surprise and pleasure, as being an impressive contribution from one so young?
2.Does this paper make you think, “This person has promise”?


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