Call for SMDM Nominating Committee Members

One of the most critical functions for any Society is to identify and select candidates for election to the Board (trustees and executive officers). The SMDM Nominating Committee is charged with formulating and presenting to the Board a slate of candidates who have consented to serve, for the offices of President-Elect, Vice President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer-Elect and Historian. The Nominating Committee also presents a slate of candidates who have consented to serve on the SMDM Board of Trustees.

The SMDM Bylaws name the immediate Past-President to serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee, and the immediate past-chair of the committee to serve as a member of the committee. Three additional members of the Nominating Committee must be elected by the SMDM Membership during its annual business meeting.

To expedite the election during the upcoming annual business meeting, SMDM is reaching out to all Members to consider and nominate candidates to be considered for election to the Nominating Committee.

The Society strives to have committee leaders and members with diverse backgrounds and perspectives as well as representation from multiple disciplines.

To submit your nomination, please email the following information to Diane Nickolson, SMDM Executive Director [] no later than 9 October 2020.

  1. Nominator Name
  2. Nominating Committee Member Candidate Name
  3. Nominating Committee Member Candidate Email Address

Please note that anyone serving on the SMDM Nominating Committee in 2021 are not eligible to run for any SMDM office in the year 2021. SMDM Member


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Shelby D. Reed, PhD

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