COVID-19 April 28 webinar videos are available for viewing

The video recordings from the April 28th webinar COVID-19 Decision Models:Connecting modelers and decision makers are now available for on-demand viewing. To view these on-demand recordings click here.

Presentations included in the webinar consisted of:

  • Establishing a Dynamic Decision-Making System in Real-Time on the COVID-19 Pandemic in Mexico City

  • Targeted COVID-19 Vaccination Strategies: An Agent-based Modeling Evaluation Considering Limited Vaccination Capacities (TAV-COVID)

  • Covid-19 Models and Social Determinants of Health: Evaluating Evidence to Inform Policy Decisions

  • Informing State-Level COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing using the COVID-19 Simulator

  • Discrete Event Simulation for COVID-19 Testing: Identifying Bottlenecks and Supporting Scale-Up

  • Emerging Therapies for COVID-19: The Value of More Clinical Trials vs. Implementation

  • Coupling COVID-19 Social Distancing with Influenza Vaccination to Manage Healthcare Surges

  • Optimizing Societal Reopening Plans and Vaccine Distribution Strategies under COVID-19 using Simulation Optimization Modelling Tools

  • Community-tailored Adaptive Strategies for Managing the Health and Economic Consequences of COVID-19

To view these on-demand recordings click here

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