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The October 2021 issue of Medical Decision Making (Volume 41, Issue 7) is a special issue that consists of a set of papers commissioned by the International Patient Decision Aids Standards (IPDAS) Collaboration reviewing and documenting the evidence base related to the design and implementation of patient decision aids. The IPDAS Update (2.0) papers are updates and expansions of the set of IPDAS background document chapters published in 2012 & related journal articles published in 2013.

The 2021 IPDAS special issue includes 13 scientific review articles providing the latest evidence on 11 core IPDAS domains: development process, providing balanced information, communicating probabilities of outcomes, clarifying values, using personal stories, guidance and decision coaching, disclosing conflicts of interest, health literacy, basing information on scientific evidence, measuring effectiveness, and implementation of patient decision aids. In addition, the issue includes 2 editorials providing context and history regarding the IPDAS collaboration and commenting on its future.

To encourage broader dissemination of this important information, many of the papers in this special issue are either published under Creative Commons license (freely shareable with attribution) or are free to download on the SAGE website. 

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Hla-Hla (Rosie) Thein, MD, MPH, PhD
Hla-Hla (Rosie) Thein, MD, MPH, PhD

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