SMDM is Pleased to Announce 2021 Award Winners

SMDM is pleased to announce the winners of its 2021 Awards:

The Career Achievement Award recognizes distinguished senior investigators who have made significant contributions to the field of medical decision making. The 2021 recipient is Doug Coyle, MA MSc PhD.

The SMDM Award for Distinguished Service recognizes service to SMDM in terms of leadership, role in the operations of the Society, and contributions to the scientific and educational activities of the Society. The 2021 recipients are Angie Fagerlin, PhD, and Robert Hamm, PhD.

The John M. Eisenberg Award for Practical Application of Medical Decision Making Research recognizes an individual or organization that has demonstrated sustained leadership in translating medical decision making research into practice, and that has taken exceptional steps to communicate the principles and/or substantive findings of medical decision making research to policy makers, to clinical decision makers, and to the general public. The 2021 recipient is Daniel Singer, MD.

The Outstanding Paper by a Young Investigator Award is presented annually for the best paper published by a trainee or junior faculty member. Barry Dewitt, PhD is the 2021 recipient for his article "Incorporating Mortality in Health Utility Measures".
These individuals will be honored at the Leadership Awards Ceremony on Monday, October 18 at 4:45 PM EDT / 8:45 PM UTC during upcoming meeting. Please join us in congratulating all of the winners and thanking the Awards Committee for its work.

For a list of previous winners please check SMDM website


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Claudia Pereira, PhD, MS
Claudia Pereira, PhD, MS

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