The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation: Diagnostic Excellence Initiative request for ideas

Diagnostic Excellence Initiative request for ideas

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity as a part of its Diagnostic Excellence Initiative. The initiative aims to reduce harm from erroneous or delayed diagnoses, reduce costs and redundancy in the diagnostic process, improve health outcomes and save lives. The foundation is soliciting a second round of novel ideas and approaches for developing new clinical measures to improve diagnosis, specifically targeting  three major categories of disease: acute vascular events, infections and cancer. The application process will involve a multi-phased competitive process. Ultimately up to six grants will be awarded ($250,000 to $500,000 each) for work done over 12-18 months. A full list of measure development projects that have already been funded can be found on

Applications will be accepted online and are due no later than May 4, 2020.  Feel free to send any questions to


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