Virtual Short Course: Metamodeling for Simulation Based Optimization of Strategies in Health Care

November 9, 10-1:30 ET

This course will cover the basics of metamodeling using R software. Its added value, and the practical steps for developing and applying metamodels will be discussed and demonstrated. This includes the identification of metamodeling techniques, simulation of data for metamodel training/testing, metamodel fitting/validation, use of a metamodel for optimization, and result verification. A single case study is used in several hands-on exercises, using metamodels to optimize a screening program. R is used for all exercises and ready-to-use scripts are provided, to apply the presented concepts in practice.

Speakers: Erik Koffijiber, Koen Degeling

Speaker 1 Bio: Erik Koffijberg has an MSc in Technical Computer Science and a PhD in Decision-Analytic Modelling. He is full professor HTA of Digital Health Innovations and chair of the section Health Technology & Services Research at the University of Twente. Erik has>18 years of experience in (early)HTA applied to evaluate new diagnostic tests, imaging techniques, prediction models, AI, and devices. His research focuses on flexible modeling paradigms to estimate the long-term impact of (preventive) innovations. He is a member of the scientific advisory board of the National Healthcare Institute (ZIN).
Speaker 2 Bio: Koen is Scientific Director and Economic Modeling & Innovation Lead at Healthcare Consultancy Group, and Honorary Fellow at The University of Melbourne in Australia. He has a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, specializing in Health Care Technology and Management, and a PhD in Advanced Health Economic Modeling, from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. He has experience in the design, conduct, and appraisal of health economic and health services studies, and actively shares his knowledge with the global HEOR community through publications and workshops.


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